Strategic Planning

Studies have shown that companies that consistently and strategically plan their operations and businesses grow faster than those that don’t. We’d have to agree.

Time and experience have demonstrated the importance of long-term, strategic planning that takes into careful considerations facets like customer trends and the competitive environment. We have teamed teamed up with Don Sando of Strategic Results Group to provide this service to our clients.


This collaboration combines the talent of more than 60 years of business experience. Don Sando was a director of Strategic Planning at Hewlett-Packard during its impressive era of significant growth as a tech giant during the 1980’s.

His principal role was to organize and facilitate the strategic plans and annual plan updates for several units within HP. After departing, he became the director of marketing and sales for a high-tech manufacturing company, a position he held for nearly a decade.

We seek to guide companies through the creation and updating of their strategic plans in the most efficient manner, utilizing years of experience alongside Hewlett-Packard’s proven process. 

We understand that not all businesses are experienced with this powerful tool, and in this case, we will collaborate in facilitating strategic plans for you. No outside consultant can create a perfect strategic plan for another company: their management team must do the work. Our clients are involved every step of the way to ensure that a costly business plan will not simply gather dust on the shelf once completed. 

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